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Martha Giffen

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Warren Whitlock
How You Can Become A Best Selling Author!

Learn how your book can make you rich! During the past several years, I’ve helped hundreds of authors become best sellers and will show you how it’s done, and how you can use your book to create new leads, open doors to new partnerships and multiply your income.


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Connie Ragen Green

Is is possible to get started with an online business in just 10 simple steps? Yes it is, and Connie Ragen Green shows you exactly how to do this, based on her personal experience.



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Michele Scism

“Your Goal Setting Guide” E-course is a 5 day step by step program that will help you focus on clear goals and will teach you how to actualize them by using the proper mindset and behavior.

You will receive 5 daily emails (beginning immediately) that will steadily steer you in the right direction so that you can attain the results you really want.

It is true that all successful people and millionaires/billionaires have goals, and they know how to reach them. Wouldn’t it be great if you can actually acquire their attitudes and be on the right track to success too?

You certainly can!


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Pat O’Bryan

How to Use PayPal as Your Merchant Account

This 15-minute instructional video guides you through 3 ways to use Paypal to sell and deliver your products and services.

  1. simple “buy now” button
  2. “buy now” button with instant digital delivery of products
  3. “subscribe now” button for recurring payments.


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Deb Augur

YouTube Made Easy

Everything You Need to Know about YouTube to Generate a Steady Stream of Targeted Traffic!

YouTube and Business! That’s what this guide is all about. After going through it you will know how to use YouTube to start bringing more traffic to your site and generate a return on your investment of time.


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Karen Kay

Karen L. Kay’s “Get in the Zone: Focus Praxis Audio Pack” teaches simple mind-improving techniques to use in practicing focus skills. Using these super targeted and very short audios each day will help you significantly increase your concentration skills.



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Trapper Sherwood

Learn how to Come Alive and change your thoughts just by listening.Just by slipping on your headphones, or earbuds you can listen to some Life Living hypnotic affirmations that will seep into your unconscious and help propel you to the next level.

What if after you started listening to this audio you:

  • Visualize yourself being the top in your company.
  • Or doing better than you originally thought was possible.
  • Imagine being the guy or gal that Really lives!


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Sheila Atwood

Have 201 Free Web Tools and Resources at Your Finger Tips. Search no further, in this definitive guide you will have access to 201 Free Web Tools. Have access to:

  • Design tools
  • SEO tools
  • Site monitoring tools
  • Free photos resources
  • Free Clip art resources
  • Editing tools
  • Video tools
  • Email marketing tools
  • Mobile SMS
  • And much much more.


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Chuck Pennington

Have you ever met one of those people that just seem to “Get It”? Don’t they seem to be connected to a confidence and clarity that empowers them to:

  • Make decisions easier
  • Be more comfortable with money
  • Have easier relationships
  • Love more
  • Laugh more
  • Simply live more

Discover the natural clearing effect that observing more Love and Gratitude in your life has.

When you get to a place of clarity using the “Love Energy Meditation” you will:

  • Have more happiness in your life
  • Begin to live a life of harmony
  • Find the inner peace you so desire
  • Begin to be able to create success at will
  • Realize your current state is easily changeable
  • You will begin to realize that you can create the life you desire


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Melanie Kissell

“Your Digital Body Language For Business Blogging Success”

  • The 3 Most Important Body Language Signs Your Biz Blog Needs to Convey
  • Why the Overall Look and Feel of Your Blog Really Matters
  • The ONE Question Your Biz Blog Should Constantly be Answering
  • How to Use Clear and Obvious Signs of “Open Arms” Body Language
  • Ways to Give Your Target Audience a Sense of Who You Are in a Matter of Seconds!

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Value: $37


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Michelle Shaeffer

Expressing You: Blogging as a tool to move towards your purpose

Learn how to turn your blog into a tool to express yourself and move towards your purpose. Find joy and excitement in blogging–because it’s more than just another marketing strategy or item on your “to do” list that you’ve got to check off.

This workbook and audio guide will help you identify how you can create (or re-create) a blog to truly express yourself and your purpose and stay energized as you reach out to make a difference in the world around you.


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Christina Hills  

Christina Hills is a teacher/trainer/mentor when it comes to building an online business. Many people know her as the “Shopping Cart Queen” from her website

But she does more than just teach shopping cart systems! She teaches website creation with WordPress!

She teaches online software to people who want to learn how to use online tools to gain prospects and sell to customers. She helps small business owners, coaches, speakers, authors, virtual assistants and any entrepreneur understand and use website tools, shopping cart systems, membership programs, and autoresponder systems.

With her training, you can more effectively sell online by fully engaging with your customers and following up with your prospects. Her skills and background are unquestionably ‘technical’; yet her style is completely ‘user friendly’ and marketing oriented.

The training includes:

  • Why it is important to Build “a list”
  • What is an Autoresponder and How does it work?
  • The Difference Between Autoresponders and Broadcasting
  • When You Should Use Text or HTML Autoresponders
  • Anatomy of an Email Message (3 Things You MUST Have)
  • Single vs. double opt in. What is the difference?
  • Importing Client Lists into Your Autoresponder System

Nicole Dean

PLR Frequently Asked Questions for Bloggers. Read the report and find out how PLR articles can make blogging more fun and profitable for you.

Benefits of Attending Live Events. Have you ever considered attending a live internet marketing event? Maybe you weren’t sure if it was worth the investment?

A group of internet marketing experts shares their best tips on attending internet marketing events when asked: “Do you attend live events (actually traveling to seminars and conferences)? Why? What specific benefits have you gotten from attending?”


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